National Geographic'in 2007'de En Çok İlgi Gören Resimleri



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National Geographic'in 2007'de En Çok İlgi Gören Resimleri
National Geographic, 2007'de yayınlanan ve en çok ilgi gören resimlerini seçti. Tuhaf baykuş, ilginç köpekbalığı ve dev mürekkep balığı seçilen ilginç resimler arasında. National Geographic Dergisi, 2007'de yayınlanan ve en çok ilgi gören 10 resmi seçti. Tuhaf baykuş, ilginç köpekbalığı ve dev mürekkep balığı 2007 yılının en çok bakılan resimleri arasında..

Seçilen resimlerdeki canlılar aynı zamanda kendi türünün tek örneği...

1. "Strange Owl" Seen in Wild for First Time

A tiny bird so rare and unusual that its scientific name means "strange owl" was spotted for the first time in the wild, scientists announced on March 22, 2007.

2. Ancient Tree Frog Found Encased in Amber

A miner from Mexico's Chiapas state made the find of a lifetime—a tiny tree frog preserved in amber that could be 25 million years old—a scientist announced in February 2007

3. New Leopard Species Announced

The clouded leopard of the Southeast Asian islands of Borneo and Sumatra is its own unique species, according to genetic test results announced March 14, 2007, by WWF, the international conservation organization. Until now the cat was believed to be of the same species as the mainland clouded leopard.

4.Jurassic "Crocodile" Found in Oregon

It endured a rocky ride—literally—but this ancient "sea monster" from Asia has found a place in the United States to call home.

5. Rare "Smiling" Bird Photographed in Colombia

The rare recurve-billed bushbird, rediscovered by scientists in Colombia after a 40-year absence, sports a curving beak that gives the illusion of an enigmatic smile.

6.Rare "Prehistoric" Goblin Shark Caught in Japan

A rare goblin shark—a "living fossil" that closely resembles ancient shark species—was caught alive on January 25, 2007, in Tokyo Bay, only to die within days.

7."Whopper" Giant Squid Washes Ashore in Australia

One of the largest giant squid ever found washed up on a beach in southern Australia on July 10, 2007, offering potentially crucial insights into the animal's habits and habitat, scientists said.

8. Century-Old Fish Caught in Alaska

Commercial fishers in the Bering Sea hauled in the female shortraker rockfish seen above, which scientists say was between 90 and 115 years old, in March 2007. Researchers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) used growth rings in the fish's ear bone, or otolith, to make their age estimate.

9.Croc Bites Off Hand Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Armed and dangerous, a Nile crocodile prowls the Kaohsiung, Taiwan, zoo (top) on April 11, 2007. Veterinarian Chang Po-yu was reaching through iron bars to remove tranquilizer darts before treating the 200-kilogram reptile when the inadequately sedated animal bit the vet's forearm off.

10.Colossal Squid Caught off Antarctica

In Antarctica's Ross Sea, a fishing boat caught what is likely the world's biggest known colossal squid, New Zealand officials announced February 22, 2007.